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15 Cheap and Cheerful Things to Do in Winter
February 19, 2020

15 Cheap and Cheerful Things to Do in Winter

The benefits and joy of family entertainment are clear without words. Strong family ties are important for the social and emotional development of children as well as for the well-being of each family member. But as children grow up, it becomes more difficult to devote time to each other. Sharing cheap winter activities together can be a great way to spend time and create lasting family bonding.

So, how are you enjoying this winter so far? Surely, winter comes with cold weather and snowy roads. But there are also many opportunities for pleasant and fun winter activities for families. We have prepared for a list of fun, cheap places to go with your family and cute home activities that will make this season even more interesting and enjoyable.


1Snow in winter can keep us apart from our favorite outdoor activities. But the good news is that there are worthy alternatives in the winter season as well.
If you’re not a fan of boring skiing, you can spice up your winter routine with a ski slope. It can be both an opportunity to have winter family fun, and a way to get an adrenaline rush and have a good workout. Just imagine a fast trip down the mountain at high speed. Anyway – skiing is one of the most fun, cheap family activities for both children and adults.

Ice Skating

2If going down a steep hill scares you, then perhaps skating will become your preferred type of traditional winter entertainment. Not only is it extremely fun, but it’s also a great exercise that will increase your blood flow and circulation.

Ice skating is possible both in an open space and indoors. This is one of the most enjoyable, affordable, and fun winter activities. It’s a great way to get your family to exercise, which is usually a serious challenge in winter. The less children move, the more behavioral problems they develop and the more hyperactive they become. Try going skating in the morning when there aren’t too many people out there; it’s especially important if someone in your family can’t skate properly.

Ice skating is a great idea for a cheap family winter party. Just go together to the skating rink and have a good time. Just be careful not to fall and hurt yourself.

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Having a Snowball Fight

3Have you ever tried throwing snowballs at someone? If not, you should definitely do it this winter. It will not only be fun, but it will help you and your family get rid of the extra stress.
Gather your family and start real snow fights, which will successfully replace any sort of physical activity you would do at the gym. Studies show that you can lose up to 400 kcal in an hour of snow-fighting, although some of them insist that snow-fighting can be a risky option for your health. Once again, be careful, and everything will go well.

Do you know how you can make a snowball game even more interesting? Building an entire battlefield out of the snow – with walls, towers, and moats. This activity will let you demonstrate your creativity to all of your family members and perhaps even the neighbors.

Snow Shoveling

4Clean up the snow! Do you think we’re kidding? Not at all, it can be a great winter pastime if you do it right. Cleaning the snow will allow you to shift your focus, clear your mind, and get an extra charge of energy. It’s also a great exercise for your body. Just choose a good shovel, make sure you don’t overwork yourself or get hurt. And get to work – winter fun awaits you!

And of course, winter is not a real winter at all unless you build a snowman with all that snow that you shoveled. Bring an old hat and scarf, some vegetables and try to make the biggest snowman the world has ever seen. Then it will greet you every morning, and maybe it will make your morning a little better.


5It’s a classic winter entertainment that you can do for hours. Like skiing, it’s just so much fun to ride down a slide. But also remember about safety: your clothes should be warm and waterproof, and older children should ride separately from the younger ones. Afterward, get together for another pleasant part: a hot beverage for the whole family.

Although, visiting the park in the winter might seem like more of a hassle than a benefit, outdoors is amazingly beautiful in the snow. You can also go to the part and try an activity like bird watching or looking for animal tracks to keep all family members interested.

Going to the Park

6Arrange a winter photoshoot. A walk through the cool air will cheer you up and energize you. You can also have a family photoshoot at the same time. Bring brightly colored knitted hats, gloves, and a muffler for a thematic photoshoot. Sleds, skates, or skis in the frame will add a nice winter touch. If you have pets, don’t forget to take a picture of them too.

Ordinary walks in the open air can be more fun if you do it with animals. Horseback riding out in the open is always great, but it is especially picturesque in the winter. And if you ask a photographer to join you, it will help you remember these wonderful moments for a long time.

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Having A Snowball Game at Home

7Of course, there is always the option of dressing warmer and throwing real snowballs outside. But it turns out that you can do that at home! Just roll paper or cotton pompoms into little balls. Everyone can play on their own or join the team. Take advantage of hiding places made of upholstered furniture – pillows, blankets, plaids, and also don’t be afraid to take the hiding places of your opponents by storm.

If you pull up some sort of divider across the room, you can try to throw snowballs over it to get them into the opponent’s territory. It would be like the other team trying to throw snowballs at your fortress.

Baking Delicious Things

8What could be cozier than the smell of baked goods that swirls around the house, especially on winter days? It could be bread, buns, cookies, anything your family loves. Making baked goods is one of the most enjoyable winter activities for the whole family. Even little children can help mix and weigh the ingredients, shape the cookies, etc.

We advise you to bake seasonal deserts. If you don’t already have a family tradition, create one. Whatever your favorite flavor is, there’s probably a cookie out there for you; just browse recipes until something catches your eye.

If you want to keep things simple and let younger kids get involved, pick up a pack of cookie dough from the grocery store. All you need to do is tear it apart and place dough balls on a baking sheet to make them in no time.

Cooking Together

9Cooking is another idea of cheap things to do in winter. It is an enjoyable winter activity that the whole family can participate in. For centuries, cooking has been bringing the whole family together. You can teach children how to cook, make the whole house smell delicious aromas, and warm up your house on cold winter days.

Make together a hot cocoa drink! Hot cocoa is winter’s favorite drink for a good reason: it is rich in flavor, soothing, and tasty. You might already be accustomed to making hot cocoa from pre-packaged recipes, but it’s really easy and worth it to make a drink from scratch. Top it with some whipped cream to make your family proud of your cooking abilities.

You can also make dinner a shared event by making pizza. It depends on how much you want your kids to get involved. You may ask them to help make the dough and spread the sauce, but you should definitely let them go crazy when it comes to toppings. They’ll have a blast even if they find out cheese, pepperoni, and M&Ms don’t mix well.

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Watching Movies and Playing Board Games

10Arrange a good movie night: rent or buy a fun family movie, get together on the sofa with blankets, and enjoy a family evening. Take delicious (but extremely unhealthy) snacks with you. That’s it! A beautiful family winter evening is guaranteed!

Going to the cinema is also the perfect winter vacation, but it can be expensive. Our advice: have a morning movie session, eat your breakfast in advance to make you less likely to get overpriced movie theater snacks.

Do you remember the last time you played checkers or chess? Or solved crossword puzzles together with your family? There are many board games, but we tend to forget about them in everyday life, sticking mostly to computer games. Winter evenings are those special occasions when it will be so nice to get together at one table and enjoy a pleasant conversation while playing board games.

Home Decorating

11What could be easier and more exciting than making your house look pretty for the winter holidays? Children can decorate the house with garlands, Christmas lights, tinsel, paint a fabulous scenery, decorate the attic, come up with inventive holiday scenarios, and choose costumes to play a little show at home.

You can also make gifts together. For some inspiration, go back to your childhood, surf the Internet, and make your own gifts with children: angels and snowflakes made of paper, clay bunnies, whatever you desire. Even an ordinary postcard, made with love and reminding loved ones of some family events, will be an amazing thing to remember. Moreover, your children will learn a very important lesson – put a piece of your personality into a gift.

Family Reading

12It used to be the tradition in families a long time ago to bring everyone together in the evening to read out loud after dinner. Today’s pace of life, of course, is not very accommodating for this, but it’s so much fun having the whole family sit down for a good book. Children these days are not very eager to read, so you can spark their interest in reading.

Imagine how many topics for future conversations immediately appear after your reading session! The main thing is not to turn reading night into an English lesson and bore your child. So, choose a book that is interesting to all family members. The plot and heroes should touch every member’s heart and soul.

Make an effort to meet with a family member you rarely see, particularly the older generation like your grandparents, who might not usually get a lot of daily interaction. Believe us, listening to their stories or reading with them will be worth it!

Having a “Wishlist” Party

13You have so many pleasant things planned for fun, cheap family activities, but you don’t know where to start? It’s worth writing a list and structuring all these ideas into special shelves in your head.
It’s best to make a list divided into a thoughtful order. For example, divide it into necessary (like buying groceries), interesting (reading a book or doing a puzzle), and pleasant (going to your favorite cafe or a film premiere you’ve been waiting for). Ideally, it should be a single list for the whole family. However, it is possible to make personal lists with personal projects.

Each player then rolls the dice and decides what to do during the days of the upcoming year. This is very romantic and touching: you get to dream, fantasize, and make plans with your whole family.

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Going to the Sauna

14There’s nothing like going to the sauna on a cold, snowy winter day. It’s a great way to relax in addition to the fact that you can strengthen your immune system if you go to the sauna regularly. A good immune system ensures that you won’t catch a cold or waste away beautiful winter days.

Dress well after the sauna and drink a cup of hot tea or cocoa to make the whole experience even better. All in all, going to the sauna with your family can be extremely fun, and it is not an expensive activity at all.

Bowling, Visiting the Zoo, Going to a Museum

15Bowling is not as expensive as you might think, particularly when you know where to go. Regardless of whether you are good or bad at bowling, there is something innately rewarding in knocking down a bunch of pins with one go.

If it’s not rainy, the zoo can be a great winter experience. Go out and have a great time with some animals. These excursions are typically affordable for the whole family, and you will learn a lot of interesting information about the animal world. Many zoos offer discounted entry during the colder months, which will save you some cash.

Visiting the museum can always be something wonderful for every member of your family, regardless of their age. Choose whatever you like – art, science, and history. Many of them offer free or discountgreyed admission for families. It’s likely that you always postpone your visit to the museum, so winter is a perfect time to catch up with your city attractions.

The Bottom Line

No matter how you decide to spend winter family activities, this time should certainly be remembered as a moment of happiness. You don’t have to spend huge fortunes on entertainment with the family because the most important thing is how you feel in these beautiful memories. You can have a good time without spending a lot of money.

However, if you want to improve your financial state and give your family the delightful experience of their dreams, DebtQuest USA will be happy to manage any of your financial problems. Our experts will recommend the best plan to get out of the vicious circle of loans and debts. You will feel financially stable and spend time with your family without worrying about the financial side of your activities.

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