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Refund approval
March 8, 2020

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How to Complete the Refund Approval in 2020

So, you want to know what’s going on between the time you submit your tax return and the collection of your final refund? Let’s find out what to expect from the refund approval process in 2020. First of all, let’s explore what happens between the approval of the application and acceptance of your return.

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The major steps in the refund approval process are the following:

  1. You submit the refund with an e-postmark, and the application is sent to the government.
  2. You wait for the IRS to accept the return. It will take from 24 to 48 hours.
  3. They will check the personal data to ensure that all the records match.
  4. If everything looks good, the refund approval is done by the IRS. ⠀

So, My Tax Refund Was Accepted, When Will It Be Approved?

“Accepted” implies that the tax return has been received by the government and has undergone an initial inspection (the data to be verified will be validated as correct if no one else has already declared the same data, etc.). The next move after approval is for the refund to be accepted by the government.

The government will explore back taxes and unpaid child support. Please note that a personal refund can be significantly reduced if there are any debts found. Once the government is sure you don’t have any unpaid loans, they will initiate the approval, and then you will get a refund.

“Accepted” also confirms the fact that a refund has been issued, and the details seem to be in order (such as the right social security number). Once the IRS checks more deeply, they will quickly accept the refund.

So, My Tax Refund Was Accepted, When Will It Be Approved?

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What Does It Mean If the IRS Accepts the Tax Return?

After submitting an accepted tax return online, the customer will be alerted and approved by the Internal Revenue Service. This does not mean that the department is through with reviewing your return, only that the IRS has not found any obvious issues causing it to be denied. The agency still has to finish the review of your reports and go over your statistics.

How Long After Tax Return Acceptance Will It Be Approved?

The IRS has created two tools to help those of us who want to check if our refund has been completed. One of them is IRS2Go. The official IRS website outlines how the application operates and what additional tax data is provided by the app.

The second source is a web page named “Where is My Refund”, which was created by the IRS. There you enter your personal social security number, your refund date, and filing status. Afterward the IRS will inform you when you will receive your check or direct deposit. It is essential to know that the projections of the refund delivery are revised every Wednesday, and you must wait for the status of the reimbursement at least 72 hours after filing.

What Should I Do When My Return is Rejected?

When your return is rejected due to a mistake or incorrect spelling, you will have to fix your application and then resubmit it to the IRS: go to the personal H&R Block Online package and click Description at the top of the screen.

Once most of the problems have been resolved, explain how you want the refund to be re-filed. Return and pick e-file as an alternative option. Take further steps for re-filing a denied tax return using the next few screens on the website.

When all of the data, such as your birthday or number of Social Security, have been considered, the customer will have to notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) and IRS to verify all of their records.

Remember, the tax return may also have been rejected due to the false processing of a report with your SSN. If this is the case, the updated return may need to be written and delivered. To check, notify the IRS.

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How Long Does It Take to E-File?

You have the opportunity to have your tax return refund deposited directly to a personal account in case you e-filed the taxes online. That is the quickest way to receive your federal tax refund.

Nine out of 10 direct deposit e-filed tax returns are handled within 21 days of acceptance by the IRS’s e-file department.

One should anticipate a transition period from six to eight weeks starting from the day the tax return was issued by the IRS when you filed your tax return on paper via standard post.

What Does Topic 152 Mean

Tax Topic 152 ensures you get a refund for taxes. That’s it! In 2020, the IRS issued guidance that 90% of tax filers might be reimbursed in 21 reporting days. During the refund season, the IRS operates on holidays, so this means 21 days, not “working days” only.

Why Is My Refund Still Processing After 21 Days?

There are cases when you might have to wait for your refund longer than the standard 21-day period:

  • If there are misspellings in your application
  • If your submitted application was unfinished
  • If you are the victim of theft or identity fraud
  • If there is an Earned Income Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit included in your tax
  • If you have submitted an Injured Spouse Allocation Application 8379, which could take up to 14 weeks for the IRS to process
  • If your tax return needs to be reviewed more precisely

You can use the following opportunities to expedite the refund process. The IRS suggests two options that may reduce your waiting period:

  • Always e-file your tax return
  • Request reimbursement by direct deposit

Try avoiding standard mail on both the front and back of the tax-filling process. Using this tip will get your refund back in your hands a little earlier.

Please, note that IRS telephone agents might confirm your tax status only 21 days after your online submission, and six weeks after the paper filing submission (16 weeks for revised returns).

If the refund approval process is stressful and devastating for you, or you don’t have enough time, please consider relying on DebtQuestUSA. Our specialists are always ready to help you with any tax refund or debt issue, and ready to fix any of your financial problems, saving both your nerves and a lot of money.

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