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How to Write a Salary Negotiation Email
July 1, 2020

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How to Write a Salary Negotiation Email

You’ve done the hard part of going through the job interview process. Not long afterward, you receive word in an email or phone call saying that the job is being offered to you. You’ve stood out the most amongst all of the other candidates who applied for the position, and the company felt as though your credentials and personality matched the position best. Congratulations, you did it, the job is now yours if you want it! Standing between you saying yes to this new opportunity ahead and moving forward comes the next step: writing the salary negotiation email.

If you don’t know how to write a job offer email response, don’t get flustered or let this task seem daunting; it’s not! We’ve come up with several steps for you to take and a salary negotiation email sample to base your email from. Writing a salary negotiation email doesn’t have to be a scary task. It is something most employers expect to receive from whoever they hired, and it truly helps raise the salary you were offered.

How to Write a Salary Negotiation Email

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Do some research

Our first tip for how to write a job offer email is to do your research on the position. Do you have experience in a similar role to the one you’re being offered? Do you know how much someone in this type of position typically makes a year? We suggest beginning with a bit of light research to learn more about what sort of range you should ask for in your email. It is helpful to know what people in similar positions make annually in the same general geographic area. Discovering this information will help give you some leverage that you can use as specific points in your email.

There are a few websites such as, which will allow you to do a quick and simple search to find out what you are worth. On this specific website, it will present you with a graph as to what the median and top salaries are for the position. You can also find out more information such as benefits, comparing different jobs, and any bonuses you may be able to negotiate for in your email. The more information you fill out about yourself, the more specific the website will get. This step is so crucial for how to ask for a higher salary offer in an email.

Writing the Email

After you finish with your research, it’s time to begin writing the salary negotiation email. It’s important to remember to sound professional, enthusiastic, and thankful about the offer that they initially proposed.

So how can you ask for a higher salary offer in an email? Well, you can also make a case for yourself to touch upon other aspects along with an annual salary. Maybe you’re not happy with some of the benefits that you are being offered. In this email, we suggest speaking about benefits as well.

Some of those benefits may include:

  • Sick leave
  • Dental and Healthcare
  • Travel Privileges
  • Bonuses
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Performance Reviews
  • Working from home
  • Severance Packages

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Don’t Ask for Too Much

We want to caution you not to ask for too much in this email. In this email, we advise you to sound realistic. If you ask for anything outrageous, the company may rescind their offer. You don’t want to come across sounding difficult to work with or needy! It is best to come across sounding polite and composed.

The salary negotiation email shouldn’t be extremely long, either. The best salary negotiation emails are the ones that are more concise and polite, as we mentioned above. If you have a whole laundry list of requests that will sound like a turn-off. You haven’t secured the job quite yet, so remember that you can always suggest an in-person discussion at the end of your email as well!

Setting the Tone

A quick Google search led us to a plethora of sources with tips and tricks as to what you should say in your negotiation email. There are hundreds of samples and so much advice as to how to write the perfect job offer email.

What they all seem to agree upon is that writing an email is a helpful way to be composed when it comes time to discuss the salary. They also agree upon keeping your emails short yet sweet and always thanking the person who sent you the initial offer.

A really helpful piece of advice we’ve learned is how to back yourself up while not sounding as if you’re bragging. The salary that you are requesting will not be approved if you aren’t able to show that you have researched and know your worth. If you have experience doing your job in the past, you should remind the person you are reaching out to your qualifications.

Writing the Email:

We’ve written up a few samples of how to negotiate a salary in an email. Feel free to use these as templates to base your own email upon.

In this first salary negotiation after a job offer sample email, you will use your skills, past qualifications, and experience to back yourself up.

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Salary Negotiation Email  Sample One:

Dear (Name of the person you are writing to),

Thank you very much for the job offer of (the position you’ve been offered) at (the company you applied to. I was very excited to receive your offer and am looking forward to contributing to your company.

Before I can accept your offer, I am hoping that we can discuss compensation. For the beginning salary, I am looking for something closer to $ (a range of what you are expecting. Remember to be realistic!) annually.

As you know, I have experience doing ____ (Here you will back yourself up. Remember that you already discussed your qualifications in your interviews, so you don’t want to let this paragraph be too long. Two to three sentences should be sufficient).

I am wondering – is there any wiggle room?

I would be happy to meet with you to discuss my salary and its reflection on my skills and experience. Thank you for your consideration.


(your name)

Salary Negotiation Email  Sample Two:

If you’ve gotten numerous offers from multiple companies, this would be a good place to use a sample email backing yourself up with other offers you may have received.

Dear (name of the person),

Thank you for offering me the (list the position). I would like to express my excitement to you about this offer.

Before accepting your offer, I was hoping to discuss compensation with you. While (list the company name) is my first choice, I have received other job offers that are offering me more compensation. The highest offer that I have received is (amount of money) from (other company if you want to disclose the name)

I am very interested in (company name) and would happily accept if you could match what (the other company is offering). I am confident that I can make valuable contributions to (company name).

I hope that we can discuss this and reach a mutual agreement.

Thank you in advance.


(your name).

Accepting the Counteroffer

Now that you’ve sent the email, be patient in waiting for the response! You’ll most likely receive an email with a new proposed salary for you. From here, you can either continue to negotiate or accept the offer. This is a normal process when it comes to accepting a job.

Writing a salary negotiation email is a great skill to have that can help you greatly when it comes to accepting new positions. Now that you know how to negotiate your salary after a job offer via email, beginning your new position will be that much more enticing, and you can continue to move into success in your future!

We understand that negotiating a job salary is just the beginning of being financially independent. If you are deeply in debt, an ideal job salary can only go so far. If you find yourself in this situation, please reach out to us at DebtQuest USA! We’d be happy to help you figure out your options.

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