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Debt Help for Single Parents
September 16, 2020

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Debt Help for Single Parents

Raising a child is already a daunting quest in and of itself. But it is all the more challenging when you have to rear a child all on your own, unlike the traditional family setup of having two parents to take care of their children. Emotional challenges are a given, but financial difficulties as a single parent are another set of obstacles.

For starters, single parents have to single-handedly manage the finances of their household, ensuring to save up for their children’s future. This includes cutting on expenses, lowering mortgages, and other innovative ways to gain a larger income. This all sounds difficult, but good thing there is already plenty of financial assistance for single parents.

Debt Help for Single Parents

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Renowned programs to Financially Assist Single Parents

Because of the wide recurrence of single parenthood in the population, several institutions, including the federal government, have offered programs that aim to help financially for single mothers and fathers alike. is one of the websites that showcases a list of grants specific to your financial needs, and it also provides a guide on how to apply. On this page, some of the most popular programs will be discussed.

TANF – for Working Parents

Spelled out as Temporary Aid for Needy Families, this program mainly focuses on providing financial aid to single parents who are part of the workforce. This grant gives single parents money for up to two years for those who qualify for the criteria.

Single parents whose children are under 6 must work or attend a job training for at least 20 hours a week to qualify, while those whose kids are older than 6 are predisposed to work or train 30 hours or more a week.

SNAP – Food Sustenance Program

This is formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This can also be referred to as “food stamps” because it mainly aims to provide assistance to single parents in purchasing welfare items such as food.

Financial help for a single mother who is nursing children younger than five is done through another program dubbed as Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). Money help for single moms under this grant is dedicated to enabling mothers to buy nutritious food such as dairy products, whole foods, and unprocessed goods.

Head Start – Job Training and Child Care

It would do so much if single parents get to undergo decent job training sessions while their children are given quality childcare. This is made possible by two programs, which are known as Head Start and Early Head Start.

The goal of these programs is to equip single parents with the necessary skills to qualify for jobs and to provide childcare to their children while they are at work. This philanthropic initiative is exclusively for single parents who fall below the poverty threshold.

Child services under this grant include preparatory sessions for children to enter school, dental and general medical health care, and overall nutrition.

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State-Sanctioned Housing Vouchers

Under Section 8, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is responsible for implementing policies to alleviate the housing-related difficulties of low-income citizens. Among these is the distribution of housing vouchers that help the targeted constituents pay rent in their housing and afford basic standards of living and minimum health and safety standards.

To qualify for this grant, applicants must be below 50% of median household income in their area of residence. As of writing, though, the program prioritizes those who do not even reach 30% of the median, meaning those who are immensely impoverished.

Transportation Programs

These programs ultimately provide single parents the chance to acquire vehicles for transportation. Single parents are already responsible for much of the household work. This can save them the time and energy from congested traffic and long commute times.

An example of this is the Single Dad Transportation Grant. It is a financial help for single fathers in the hopes of giving them an opportunity to receive a free vehicle or earn large discounts on select vehicles. Specifications of this grant differ from state to state, but it mainly caters to single dads who need money to secure a vehicle.

Discounted Services

Did you know that your local community action agencies (CAA) can buy you a free bus ride? They can do so through the agency’s initiatives of providing discounts to single parents, predominantly financial assistance for single fathers, to basic community services such as bus or subway tickets. One free ride can save you lots over the long run.

LIHEAP and WAP – for Utility Expenses

This is great government help for single mothers, especially those who worry too much about electricity and utility prices. LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) and WAP (Weatherization Assistance Program) provide financial assistance to single-parent households in lessening their payment for utility bills.

WAP also offers free home weatherization to calibrate the temperature inside your homes and ensure the right room temperature for the family.

Non-profit Financial Assistance and Campaigns

There are also private and small-scale entities, institutions, and organizations that are more than willing to lend a helping hand to those who are financially challenged. An example is The Mommies Network, based in the San Francisco Bay Area with sister chapters in Southern California and Arizona.

This organization offers financial assistance for single moms by providing free diapers for those who are in need. Diapers are a staple, especially for single moms.

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Scholarships and Grants for Single Parents

Statistics recorded that 40% of students in America drop out of school as early as high school. The trend also showed that the single parents of these students dropped out as well. From this, we can infer that most single parents did not get the privilege to finish their studies.

But it is never too late for them. There are scholarships and grants dedicated to single parents to help them earn a degree and become more eligible candidates for job positions.

Pell Grant

Among America’s most popular educational programs for single parents is the Pell Grant. This government grant for single fathers and mothers enables them to re-enter schooling without having to file for student loans. It also caters to those who cannot afford to continue their studies. If you want to apply, you can learn more here.

Applicants who qualify can receive up to $6195 as of the 2019-2020 award year. This is available in any 5,400 participating schools and universities.

Grants for Students From Single-Parent Families

There is also financial assistance for single moms whose son/daughter is already studying in college.

Federal Loan Forgiveness

The federal student loan forgiveness for single mothers helps mothers consolidate all of their student loans and fees into one credit and negotiate for a better payment scheme. This ensures that all children benefit from their right to access quality education from primary to tertiary levels regardless of their socioeconomic status and social class.

Scholarships From Foundations

Many foundations initiated scholarship grants catering to children of single parents. Examples of this include the generous Ava’s Grace Scholarship, MaryEllen Locher Scholarship Postsecondary Education Scholarship Program, etc.

Among the staple requirements to qualify for these grants are proof of financial need (anything that proves that your household is not fully capable of financing college needs), good academic performance, and the students are already enrolled in universities.

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What Is it Like to Be a Single parent?

Single parenthood can be rewarding but challenging. Rewarding, because you get the chance of independently raising another human being – but challenging because you will be handling all of the responsibilities on your own. These responsibilities include the physiological, social, emotional, and financial needs of your child.

Statistics reveal that the US ranks the highest among 130 countries with regards to the number of children living in single-parent households. This led the Federal government to establish single parents grants and programs to provide means and suffice the needs of single-parent families.

Financial Struggles Faced By Single Parents

Still, single parents are riddled with problems regarding their finances. The typical single-parent household usually struggles with the following:

No Time to Budget

1Having no partner who can contribute to paying half of the expenses, most single parents have to work extra. With all the hustle and bustle of work and taking care of their children, they barely have the time to rest, let alone sit down and thoroughly budget their finances for the upcoming days.

But budgeting is not really an intimidating and time-consuming task. Maybe you can take the time to list your recurring expenses and find out which ones demand money the most, and perhaps think of ways on how to lessen the amount. Our blog houses many resources and helpful materials that discuss ways to lower expenses, such as interests and mortgages.

Zero Emergency Fund

2The average single parent lives on a subsistence level, allotting a major portion or almost all of his or her income to day-to-day household expenses. This leaves the parent incapable of downloading money for emergency funds or insurance policies. In an unprecedented circumstance, the parent has no backup source of money that is supposedly from an insurance program or reserved funds.

The pool of experts from our team is more than willing to provide single moms and dads with financial help through our consultative financial counseling and effective strategies to ensure that you can still allocate parts of your money for guaranteed security services.

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Problems With Credit

3Single parents may struggle with bad credit in two ways. One is not relying on any credit at all, making their purchasing power extremely limited. This forbids them from purchasing essential services and basic necessities.

Another is that they may suffer from unsettled credit stemming from weak credit management. Although there are loans for single moms with bad credit, being financially capable of attending to your credit duties is ideal, so you would not have to deal with risky, unsettled debts. Single parent house loans are also useful financial instruments used to help pay off your housing.

DebtQuest USA is an esteemed debt settlement company and is already well-versed in providing top-notch services to clients who aim to maintain an impeccable credit standing.

Affording Days Out

4From single-handedly managing all finances, single parents often do not find the time and money for leisure activities with their children. Having financial autonomy can allow you to make time for such activities and bond with your family.

Establish Financial Stability Through Debt Help for Single Parents

Living as a single parent should not come off as a great burden when you have an even greater support team to help you establish effective financial management strategies to reach financial security and stability, and for an even brighter future for you, and your children.

Building a financially dependent life is within reach of your fingertips when you book an appointment with Debt Quest USA today! Talk to one of your representatives now to discuss plans that are aligned with your financial needs and objectives.

Our company assures you top-notch services that yield fruitful results to our clients. Our services include debt consolidation, which compiles all loans into a single credit for easier management. This is highly beneficial, especially for single parents wanting to easily keep track of their credit status.

Other services include credit card debt and general debt relief, which both seek to help you settle your debts and enjoy a debt- and worry-free life for you and your family. Reach out to us today!

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